I am selling my 1981 Honda CB650 Custom. The attached pictures show the bike. It is in great shape with very little rust on the chrome. I am looking to completely get out of riding motorcycles, so also included are the gear, tools, spare parts, a *complete* parts bike, some new parts and other ods and ends I have collected. I am looking for $2500 for the lot.

The bike is part of the famous line of single overhead cam inline 4 (SOHC-4) motorcycles made by Honda during 70-80. It is an air-cooled, 4 cylinder, simillar to the Honda CB500, CB550 and CB750 SOHC4s. The bike comes with air/oil front suspension, dual front calipers, rear drum brake. Everything works, nothing broken, its insured, and is ready to drive away this instant.

Lots of work put into this bike, details:
- Brand new bridgestone spitfire rear tire, less than 200 km ridden on it
- Brand new brake pistons installed in both front calipers (these were pricey, $70 each from Carter), only about 400 km put on these
- New seals in both calipers
- New speedo and tach cables
- Master cylinder rebuilt with new parts 2 months ago
- Fresh brake fluid
- painted both front calipers 2 months ago
- New master cylinder reservoir
- custom chrome reservoir cap
- chain (new one put on middle of last summer)
- front and rear sprokets (both new, put on middle of last summer)
- air filter (put on middle of last summer)
- spark plugs (put on middle of last summer)
- battery (new one installed middle of last summer)

Bike has ~53,000km on it. The head gasket was replaced on the bike two years ago, does not leak any oil. The only mechanical trouble with the bike is that one of the forks is leaking a little oil, and the turn signal switch doesn't stay in the left position (however, I do have two spare switches, just need to be installed!). Also, there are a few minor cosmetic scrapes on the gas tank (however, you the parts bike comes with a tank, so you could get one of them repainted while keeping the bike on the road!).

I have installed a custom made oil cooler adapter which is combined with a spin-on oil filter adapter. This allows you to use a chrome spin-on oil filter: it looks awesome! (This system cost $275 US to purchase).

Also included: parts bike, 1981 Honda CB 650. Not running, but great for parts or fixing up. The parts bike is complete, and includes a full front fairing and hard bags. This means you will have *every* spare part you will need should anything break.

Other things included: two spare wheels + rims, rubber in ok shape, large motorcycle cover, three helmets (2 full face, 1 cap), 1 small leather jacket (good for a small passenger), mens leather chaps, 2 sets of leather gloves, clymer manual, some tools, accessories (chrome polish, oil, brake cleaner, etc). I've also got some spare parts that I accumulated prior to picking up the parts bike (master cylinder, reservoir, complete set of forks), and some new parts that I haven't installed (front/rear brake pads, choke/throttle cable).

pm me for more info,