disadvantage vs advantage of lowering a bike
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Thread: disadvantage vs advantage of lowering a bike

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    disadvantage vs advantage of lowering a bike

    As stated, was planning to
    just wondering what are the goods and the bad

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    Advantage of lowering a bike:

    1) I CAN RIDE IT

    ***26-inch inseam here****

    Not lowered = me not being able to touch by a mile, lowered F4i = tippy toes!
    Ride in peace Julia - your radiating kindness will live in all of us forever

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    As someone here once said.... "My bike isn't just lowered - it's slammed"

    advantage: feel much more confident when both feet are able to reach to ground

    disadvantage: must crawl over speed bumps or it bottoms out

    Some feel that lowering a bike decreases handling qualities.

    As my SVS was lowered from the start, I have nothing to compare its handling to; however, it's always performed well and has never surprised me or done anything unusual......
    and that's what matters to me
    RIP Julia, our shining light

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    Very popular topic with lots written about it. Use the Search with keyword "lowering".
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    The position at the basic (static) state, including slanting forward or rearward, will largely control the machine characteristics.

    1)Characteristics by body positions
    •Flat position This is the standard position.
    There is no specialized characteristics, having well balanced overall specifications. However, it may have a problem in controlling the machine depending upon course layouts or riding style.

    •Slanting forward position In this position, the front has a larger load distribution. It provides a good turning capability, but, when at extremely slanted, you have a difficulty in controlling when loads are applied to the front during braking. Unless loads to the rear are actively controlled, the rear tires may be slippery.

    •Slanting rearward position The position of slanting rearward tends to provide dullness in approaching a corner although it gives stability. It is effective against excessive loads to the front on descending corners. However, since it will result in degraded turning ability (especially for throttle on), and extremely rearward slanting position will cause under-steering at a corner, resulting in worse lap time.

    •High position High position at both the front and rear improves turning capability, but may provide unstable factors including fore-and-aft pitching. It gives slightly heavy falling feel at the beginning of falling, and when falling begins, it causes more and more falling force.

    •Low position Low position at both the front and the rear degrades turning capability opposed to the high position, but allows you to easily make a chance to fall, providing light banking feel.

    The figure to the left helps understand the characteristics caused by changing height, showing two rods, with weights installed at the tip, are well balanced on your palm.
    In this figure, the longer rod (means a high position) has slower speed in beginning to fall, which allows you to easily take a balance, but when falling, has more and more speeds and force.
    The shorter rod (low position) has higher speeds when beginning to fall.
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    advantage: youll be the coolest dude at Starbucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dizzy
    disadvantage: must crawl over speed bumps or it bottoms out
    Just go dirt bike style and loft that front wheel over
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