Rider down Northbound Lionsgate causeway
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Thread: Rider down Northbound Lionsgate causeway

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    Rider down Northbound Lionsgate causeway

    This is the reason traffic went to hell around 10:45 this morning.

    44 year-old male on a red VFR, apparently traffic stopped suddenly, he lowsided it under the rear of a red Subaru Forester. I was going South, stopped to help. Rider will be fine, but he is a bit banged up (ambulance took him away). Bike isn't in that bad of shape either. A lucky day, cause things could have been much worse.

    Anyways, hope the rider is doing ok. If you're a member here, you can contact me if you need a witness, though I didn't see the crash itself.

    *Wish I could have been a bit more helpfull as one of the first-on-scene. But, alas, I kind of froze up
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    Yeesh - glad he's relatively ok. And good on ya for aiding him.

    Interesting how we think we'll react/respond a certain way in an emergency situation, but when the time comes it all goes out the window doesn't it.

    You were there for him, that's help enough.

    'Be present and keep your distance'... that's what I'm taking away from this incident.
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    If it happened as you saw it, being a witness won't help the rider. Traffic stopping suddenly is not an "excuse" for lowsiding and rear-ending the car in front of you. Unfortunately.

    Good to hear the rider will be okay. There's a few red VFR's on this board, the odds are pretty good it's one of them. (Mine's silver).
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