<$3000 looking for beginners bike
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Thread: <$3000 looking for beginners bike

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    <$3000 looking for beginners bike

    Hi everybody. I am new to the forum and I have some questions about purchasing my first bike.

    Firstly, should I look for a bike under 400cc or should I go for something bigger? I am 5`5 and 130lbs, do you think I can handle something bigger? Somebody told me that bikes >400cc is in another insurance category of the ICBC. Is that going to be much more expensive if I step up from 400cc to 600cc or is it just about the same? 600cc bikes have lots of choices and Ninja 250 seems to be the only choice in the <400cc category.

    My budget is around $3000, can you please give me some comments??

    thanks a lot!!

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    well, i got an R6 as my first bike...i'm 5'5 and i can handle it well...
    i've never dropped it or done anything dumb. as long as you repect the power it has then you'll be fine. i'm selling my bike now, then i'm thinking of getting a newer R6. i mean once you've acctually riden one you'd be able to tell...for $3000 i dunno what you're gonna find...there's prolly somthing out there!!...people told me to get something smaller but i'm glad with the decision i made (no regrets)!! good luck with everything!!

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    Buy a really old clunker of a bike and be prepared to drop it. Getting a 250cc bike should be sufficient to learn on. If by chance you don't feel it has enough power, upgrade. And because you've bought such an old thing, chances are the price has bottomed out; selling it at the same price as you bought it wont be a problem.

    In that time, you can practice with that bike and familiarize yourself with it. If you do drop it, who cares? it's an old clunker of a bike ;0) This way, you'll have a lesser chance of dropping a new bike. Most ppl who start off with brand new bikes are too scared to actually ride it because they dont want to drop it. Riding requires confidence.

    Just make sure you invest on gear. I recently fell off a scooter at around 40kph and my jeans ripped through almost instantly. Again, riding requires confidence; and if youve either got a low threshold for pain or dont want to look like human bacon, protective gear is essential.

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    I agree with Haze. I started with a 250 three years ago and can't find myself to part with it just yet. They are a lot of fun!

    Too bad my old leathers might be a bit big on you. They are one piece Fieldsheer. F.S. $200 o.b.o. They were a bit big for me too, but I didn't care, I kinda like my skin. You're welcome to try them on.

    Here's a pic -----> http://www.bcsportbikes.com/photopos...=1577&size=big

    The but and knees are a bit saggy.
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