last night i hurt myself goood *pictures gross
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Thread: last night i hurt myself goood *pictures gross

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    last night i hurt myself goood *pictures gross

    Last night i was just getting into the shower and because i have many cats i have to blockade them in to certain areas to keep them from being $%^& disturbers.. Picked up a 4x8 plywood sheet and dropped it on the corner (a lot of weight) onto my big toe....

    The toe nail is 1/4 hanging on from the side the plywood hit it and popped the side and back right off the nail bed... CAN YOU SAY PAIN>>>> Never seen that much blood squirt in my life

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    yea yeah...couldnt u crop the pics....i dont need to see the fucking background

    looook at ma face bitch!!!! :P
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    hahahaa i guess im off for a few before i can get my foot into a work boot so i guess i will be here alot

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    dirt pig
    Ouch...Whats with all the kitties?
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    Only kind of pussy he can get?
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    breeding a female i have a bunch of babysitting going on while/ BUt the kitten has to be blocked off from the other rooms.. In the process of splitting a room my hand was slippery and the wood slipped to my foot Faggacked me good... I got large tastes I like money so i need to be working! Not sitting on my ass....

    Anyways The only pussy i can get .....I got pussy and its the real dealyou asshats... hehehey
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    You're going to lose that nail, yes, yes you're going to lose that nail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrashTested
    Only kind of pussy he can get?

    How big is your foot , like size 20? With feet liek that I bet his wang couldnt fit into any pussy anyways...
    R.I.P. Danimal

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    jajajaj o man this has potential to go places and for people to get banned lol

    ill start:

    1) yoga leads to flexibility and flexibility has lead into oportunity, i wonder how ur anus is.
    2) one of the cats got jealous when it saw another being played with and it lashed out in the heat of passion
    3) if u smke too much crack or meth ur toes can look like snakes
    4) this is what happens when u dont wash ur feet for 28 years
    5) u ran out of fingers to chew so u started on ur toes lol

    some more everyone

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    Big Stick
    eww yuck! this post is kinda gross.
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    I hope you went to the doctor, dont want to get an infection.

    that looks very gross BTW

    also, Matt why do you automatically think about the size of his wang when you look at his foot LOL. Seriously man, you worry me!

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    Haha sweet. You have sick sense of humour and way too much time on your hands!

    Hell, the first thing you thought when you saw blood was not 'Oh shit i got to clean and disinfect this!' but rather 'WOAAA SICK! Let me take pics and post it on the internet!!!' Good on you dude.

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    I dumped a bottle of hydro peroxide on it and i climbed the walls...
    Its looking good feeling good and that nail is a gonner.
    I heal quick.. And why yes my wang needs pants of its own....

    Gezzzze this thread has kinda got raunch appeal now

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    Nice dude, nice! That's effing nasty but nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by treefinder
    And why yes my wang needs pants of its own....
    ... gotta hide it somehow after throwing out the box it came in!

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