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    wiring problems

    I have a 97 gsxr 600 and I'm pretty sure there is a wiring problem.......the gauges randomly start/stop working, and apparently my tail light flashes as well. Obviously something is up with the ground or wiring or something.....anyone have this problem ever??? I would rather try and deal with it myself before taking it in to get looked at and spending an arm and a leg. Any help??

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    Sounds like a ground problem.check all the chassis grounds

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    just a thought:
    way back, I had a VT500, and the bike would not start at random times, it'd run great, I'd park it and the goddamn thing just wouldn't start for a bit, then all of the sudden it would be back to normal...
    I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out.

    It turned out to be a burned out brake light.
    The coil in the light was broken(the small springy part), but it dangled, and moved around, so if it was touching the other part of coil (closing the circuit) it'd work fine, but other times it'd just dangle, so the bike was "dead".
    Because of a safety setup, if the brake light was not working, the bike would not start.

    sometimes the simplest things are the answer, and are just too obvious to find right away

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    Battery leads tight?? From there check all grounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpookyjacK
    Battery leads tight?? From there check all grounds.

    good call......i did just put a new battery in like a month ago...that could be it! I will check it out!

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