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    Bike thieves

    just got this off CANADA SPORTBIKE.COM

    Warning to all bike sellers, theres a couple of guys going around calling numbers advertised in news papers for bikes for sale, taking them for test drives and not coming back with them....the individuals are driving a flat black late 1980,s GMC short box pick up with a chrome front bumper, the driver of the truck is greasy looking with a fullface bushy greying beard and wears a lumber jacks jacket/.the guy who drove off on the bike was wearing a gilligans hat, chubby faced two front teath missing and wears gloves.. they drove off with a 1979 cherry XT500 white and polished chrome tank.....any info would be confidetial and muchly appreciated.........thanks

    This is from Victoria Area as far as I know.

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    1979? Maybe the seller should count his blessings that he didn't have to get it *towed*.
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    if any idiot gives someone a bike to test ride and isnt left with something of the same value from the rider deserves to get taken .from the description of the two guys i wouldnt give them a piece of gum let alone a bike . who cares if the guy buys it what if he crashes it ?
    nope no test rides

    "how does it ride ?"

    ummm "just like a bike is supposed to ride ,it goes it stops "

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    That's my brother darryl, and my other brother darryl.

    I call bullsh*t based on the descriptions alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by borderline
    "how does it ride ?"

    ummm "just like a bike is supposed to ride ,it goes it stops "

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