I was asked to come to the NMRO in England But !
Ok here is the mystery ... Papercup ... Andy sent me a pm and he called me on the phone too to try and set this up ...

So a few days go by and he does not get back to me .. I see him on MSN and I say hi have you found out if you guys are going to do this again ??And he closes his MSN with no word....I also send him a message on MSN and tell him thanks and why I cant make it and again no response ... So I send a Email to him and no response .. ..
Last time Jim Brodie set up a fund to help me get over to do the NMRO in 2003 and it was the best time in my life

I am getting married in China in the fall and money is tight and I have to go see my father so many times as he is not well at age 80 and with that I could not come any way ..
I don't know why Andy(Papercup) would do this to me but I thought I had a friend in him but I may be wrong ?
I have no Idea what I did wrong as to have Andy treat me like this ..

I hope you all have a great ride and wish all the best to you guys and Guy is a great man for taking the time to put on such a ride ..