changing grips?
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Thread: changing grips?

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    changing grips?

    how to change grips on a 02 f4i? is it the same as a bicycle?

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    Yes, if you can handle that, then you can handle this. All that's different is having to take the bar ends off and being a little careful not to f...udge up the throttle tube.


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    If you can push a small guage wire a little ways in and get a squirt of Windex in there and mush it around the grip will pop off quite easily.

    If you think you'll be doing this a lot then a long bladed skinny small diameter screwdriver with the end rounded off makes a great tool for this job. Push it in, squirt in the Windex and then turn the handle to walk the tool around the bar or throttle tube to spread the Windex. It'll slip off the bar or tube like a fish of a wet board after that.

    To reinstall I like to clean both surfaces well and use just a hint of the same Windex. It'll slip on easily but dries out overnight for a good grip.
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    It is also much easier if the grip rubber is warm. Sit the bike in the sun for a while. I normally jamb in a tool, then squirt in some WD-40. If you don't want to keep the grips, then knifing them (from the inside so you dont scratch the tube) really speeds things up.

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