weird can be good !?
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Thread: weird can be good !?

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    weird can be good !?

    ............and now for something completely different. check out this month's Cycle World for the test of Dan Guney's new recumbent sportbike? 0-30 in 1.1, 0-60 in 3.1, 11.97 1/4 mile & top end of 133 mph - ALL FROM A 708cc single !!!!!!!!

    It's amazing what is possible when someone brilliant tries something different.

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    Yeah, that's just straight-up wierd. Did you see the footage of a road test they had on 'Motorcyclist'? It was hilarious to see these guys dragging their knees with this bike. Honestly, I'd probably feel a little embarassed riding it for the first time, but I bet it would be super fun. Your visibility (in traffic) is probably the shits from down there though.
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    This is like a chopper sportbike cross or something? Can you even see anything except the gas tank from down there?!?
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    hey it got a racing stripe down the center!

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    Hey.. they didn't put in a big soft comfy seat pad..

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    Sorry, but i rather be in a wheel chair than that thing... =)

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    I can't imagine sitting in that THING is comfy....

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    I saw a long TV show on this bike and its creator. The guy that created it has been riding and racing Motorcycles since like the 50's or somthing... He said he thought this thing up in the 60's or 70's and is now putting some more time and effort into it. In the TV show his son (a super sport racer) was rinding it through some corners. He was having a blast... I think it look like a tonne of fun myself. Although I would prob not buy one myself, I would def rent one for a day...
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