First Serious Road Trip
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    First Serious Road Trip

    Heading to Edmonton in a week and a half and wondering if anyone who has done the trip has any suggestions. I'm wondering about good places to stop, good places to stay, good sections of road etc.

    I plan on taking a couple of days to get there and a couple to get back. I'm riding an '05 Bandit 650 and can't friggin' wait to get out there.

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    This has all been suggested before, so it must have merit!

    Hope, fuel. And food up too, at the Home Restaurant. Proceed east on 3, to Princeton. Personally I'll turn north on 5A and suffer the Connector instead of the alternative, but that's me. Then into Kelowna and head north on 97 to Vernon, and east on Hwy 6. Overnight at one of the cabins just south of Nakusp. North to the ferry, then connect with Hwy 1 at Revelstoke. East on TCH (Trans Canada Highway) and then north on the Icefields. East on 16 and voila, Edmonton.
    For the return from Edmonton, (eventual Stanly Cup winners in 6?) straight down 2 and west the entire way on Hwy 3. Stay where you're tired. Make a detour to Nelson and taste a little of Hwy 6.
    Pack yer wet gear, and cold gear....chilly in the mountains.

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