...stupid mechanics.
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Thread: ...stupid mechanics.

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    ...stupid mechanics.

    This is actually quite an interesting/good read. Just thought I'd spread the love.

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    ... hahah i just read that from a link on revscene.. that guy was a complete idiot.... who the hell brags about that on a public forum? And posts as much information as he has? He was totally asking for it....

    i got bored after aw hile and just closed it, but i got the jist of it...

    anyone know what the outcome was on behalf of the owner? Did they get themselves a new car? or at least some compensation?

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    To funny, just goes to show what a small world it is. According to the last post there hasn't been a resolution and the person who owns the car has contacted a lawyer and has been told not to post anymore until the problems resolved.

    I remember reading an article years ago about a guy who dropped his modded RX7 off at a shop so they could do some more mods to it. A few months later he got a photoradar ticket with his car going excesivly over the speed limit was over 100 mph. The ticket was the same weekend that the shop had his car. The guy sued the shop and won over $20,000 in damages.

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    My mechanic got caught speeding in my car as well. I was complaining about pre-detonation in my supercharged 5L in third and fourth gear. So to diagnose it, he had to take it up to redline in those gears....and by that time, he was doing about 220km/hr. After my mechanic explained the situation to the cop, he was pretty understanding and let him off with a warning. And then he even suggested some places that he go to test drive cars. So if you want to know places to rip around in Port Moody....

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