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    Got A Letter From TM ...

    Got A Letter From TM ...
    And I will paste the letter I sent them first ..
    It took them this long to find out that the clutch is getting no oil

    I am forwarding this email to you so that you can see my contact with your Canada dealer ..

    I want to hear from you and your thoughts on this ..
    If you do not respond to me I will not be surpprised ..
    Do you think it is fair that It has Been Well over a year now and it will all be sorted out eh .. 1 year and 6months !!!
    I have posted on every Supermoto Web site in the world as to how I was treated by your chosen Canada dealer ..I have so many people waiting to see the outcome of this ...
    And some that will not buy a TM because of the way I was treated ...

    I am so glad it will be all over soon ..
    Can you do some thing for me for all the trouble ?
    Can you give me better deal on the pipe ?
    Or do you think you will just drop the motor in and all is done ?
    I waxed the fame today and there is a few places where the frame was chipped so please get Tony to tape up the frame so it wont happen again .

    I need a front 14 tooth sprocket and the case saver that will accept the
    bigger sprocket .. Do you have the front chian guide slider that wraps around the swing arm in stock as I need one .. ?( And They gave me the wrong one and its a 120klm round trip !!!)
    And I would like the blue rear side pannels ..And graphics for the rear fender and side pannels ..

    Haha that makes me think of when we were out watching Tony test the bike and he drug his foot across the fender and side pannel and I told him right there what he did and he just laughed and said I didnt do that ! Mike and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes as he seen him do it too .
    Mike will want a 660 and it will all depend on the final out come of this whole mind numbing fiasco will be ...

    TM's response :
    as you can see we are answering to you.

    If until now we didn't answer to you it was only because we preferred that
    this kind of problems must be solved between customers and our official
    distributor who represent us in your country.

    Of course TM take contact with the Distributor and do his best to help the
    distributor to solve the problems.

    It's clear that sometimes it take times because we have to understand if the
    problem should come from faulty parts or from a not good use from the

    Anyway, as you probably know, Dan Barker as received the new engine well
    tested before to send it to him and it's ready to be put on your bike.

    I have seen that you ask also for other parts, like blue plastic and
    something else but you can order and buy these parts direct to Dan.

    I have spoken with Dan about all the rumours you are making and he told me
    that it's little bit strange because you are always nice with him thanking
    him for his help all the times.

    I want to underline that we have given to you this engine because we
    understood that probably it should be a faulty engine and not because you
    have sent emails to all the web site in the world (also if we have to wait
    your engine back before to say that it's a faulty engine).

    If one of our customers in all over the world destroyed a bike because he
    does a wrong use of this bike, sorry, he can send email to wherever but at
    the end if he wants to use the bike again he pays all the damages he has

    Best regards

    TM RACING S.p.A.

    Customer office
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    Weird , hope you can see the end of this to your satisfaction.
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    wow I remember talking to you about this soo long ago and it's still going on?! . I hope it all works out for you in the end!

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