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    gas smell

    When I run my bike, I smell my bike running too rich?

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    Yes. And if you smell it while your starting, its flooding. It may not be flooding that much, almost enough so your bike wouldn't start.. I'm also thinking, its eithe running rich or, if you do have a flooding problem, you'll just have a bit of gas flowing into the exhaust.
    A quick adjustment might get that away... from a mechanic or whatever..
    Does it hesitate when you rev it?

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    the throttle is actually very responsive, there does seem to be a dip between 6000-7500rpm where it's "slow" but anywhere else it's fine...

    I'm not sure whether or not i smell it while i'm starting...once the bike gets going, i start to smell it but im not sure whether or not that's when it starts or after it starts...

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    If you are talking about your 1987 bike (Kawi ZX or not) it could be a bunch of different things. I would first suspect a fuel line hose that is leaking due to a spring clamp or such thing that is not holding the lines tight against spigots. Maybe a hose that is weeping gas or a split gasline. Yank up gas tank a tad with the bike running -- assuming you can do that -- and have a look. Failing that and you aren't comfortable with doing that take it to a bike shop and have it looked at. Could be shit (rust) in the carbs from the gastank with float bowls not working properly or a bunch of other things.

    If gas is spilling out of the carbs it can get on the rear wheel (not uncommon) and spell disaster especially if the road is even just a tiny bit wet or you get enough on the tire to make it loose traction in any condition.

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