bike wont start!
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Thread: bike wont start!

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    bike wont start!

    this morning, i go to my 05 honda cbr 600rr put the key in the ignition and start it...nothing...i flick the cut off switch off and on...nothing. my dad told me some punks were on my bike last night, so im assuming they were fucking around with my bike, im really upset. and i dont know what to do, if there is ANYONE, ANYONE out there thatll give me tips or advice, or some form of knowledge, i am ALL ears, cuz im seriously choked by this!

    pls reply to this thread or pm me, im low on funds so im gonna haveta try and attempt this on my own (which is to say i have no mechanic experience)

    greatly appreciated,


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    Are you saying the engine cranks but does not fire? Or is the bike completely dead i.e. no headlight with the key on?
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    Im thinking he means no power NOTHING. First things first, even before you come on here, lol, check your battery, and their terminals.
    if its turning over, but not starting, Theres WAY too many possibilities to mention. Let's go from there

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    I had that problem when I bought my 600rr the very first day. What happened was I started it to much and turned it off to much in a 1hour time period, I get geared up and ready to go out and nothing, all you can hear is a zapping noise but the bike won't turn over.

    This is what you do:

    Make sure you have power to the bike (Battery)

    Put her in first gear, hold the clucth in, have someone push you and then let the clucth out, she should fire up. Then let her idle for a while and ride around! Worked for me

    Now she starts up every morning!

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    Check your fuel and clutch postion. They may have been tapping on the shifter and fucking around with the clutch. Role it into neutral and check the battery as well.
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    check your kick stand interlock. it may be gummed up and not completing the starting circuit.

    when trying to push start a bike, try it in second, not first. it's easier.

    and why didn't your dad go out and crack some skulls when he saw guys screwing with your stuff?

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    u need to tell us more info. Has it been in storage? Battery just click lick click.. or...
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    sounds like you need an alarm. its cheap insurance
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    Do your headlights or dash go on when you turn on the key?

    Perhaps they were trying to unplug your ignition harness to plug in their own (attempted theft).
    Trace the wires from where you stick your key in and see that everything is still plugged in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talon
    sounds like you need an alarm. its cheap insurance

    nice plug!!

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    "cut off switch"=kill switch?

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    Sell it and buy a Yamaha
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    F uel petcock (n/a)
    I gnition to ON
    N eutral (does the bike roll around without touching the cluch)
    E ngine Kill Switch flip to the run position

    B rake (hold it, but not necessary)
    C lutch pull clutch lever

    Now hit the starter button - if it don't work, check your batter terminals, and put a voltmeter across it. Did you maybe leave the lights on too long? Don't know much about honda's

    Voltage should be at least 12.3 volts to have a hope of starting

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    uh yeah...guess was just outta gear...hahaha...*ahem...yeah, not so funny...but hey, thanx all for replying...i might need help putting gas one day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by baka!
    uh yeah...guess was just outta gear...hahaha...*ahem...yeah, not so funny...but hey, thanx all for replying...i might need help putting gas one day!
    those damn kids must've been thirsty!

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