ipod shuffle won't work - help?
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Thread: ipod shuffle won't work - help?

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    ipod shuffle won't work - help?

    so i buy this ipod shuffle off craigslist, the guy shows it to me, new in box, no scratches, still has the protective sticker backing etc. He plugs in the headphones, it has two songs on it already and it plays like a charm. I ask why he's selling it, says he works for TD, they gave them to the employees and he's already got a better ipod and doesn't want it. So i figure good deal.

    We already have the regular ipod at home, so we figure sure just plug it in, load it up and play. The battery status is good, the songs apparently get loaded onto the shuffle but ALAS! NOTHING!

    we've tried reloading, reformatting software etc and the damn thing just taunts me. Any suggestions? (Fine call me technilogically challenged but my hedgehog wouldn't eat for a week and i thought he as broken too.)

    Thanks - mucho appreciated!

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    u get one phone call to apple if you need any help.

    call them and they'll let you know what to do. remember, you are only entitied to ONE and ONLY one phone call, so don't ever hang up and make sure u get all the info you need before you go.

    call any apple dealership to find the apple care support line.
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    Try finding another person with a shuffle and see if the can load a playlist from their computer.

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    Is there a reset hole on the thing? Sometimes MP3 players with built-in rechargeable batteries have a tiny little hole somewhere on their case that's big enough to stick a paperclip end in. That will cut power off and force a hard re-boot.

    I don't know about the shuffles though, so I may be leading you on a futile search....

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    whenever mine freezes or won't respond i push hold the menu and center button till it reboots. check www.apple.ca to make sure you have the most current versions of itunes and update the ipod software itself. sometimes that's all it takes...hopefully. good luck.

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    OK - my shuffle sort of did this too. It happened after I did a complete re-install on my main 'pooter, and thus was using a new install of iTunes. For some freakin' reason, as soon as I plugged in the shuffle the first time, the 'pooter it wiped out the shuffle memory. So check in iTunes to see if you have any songs there at all...
    After I reloaded a playlist, all was well.
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    apple icare is your friend.

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    thanks guys. I think we might have a problem with the computer too. The dude at the apple store on broadway reset or reformatted it (it wouldn't pause, play, hold or anything) and now it's ok. Hopefully it's all good. . .we shall see.

    I'll definately have to bookmark the apple troubleshooting webpage in case this happens again. thanks!

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