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Thread: starting problems ??

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    starting problems ??

    Hello people. im new to this site and i just recently bought a 95 yamaha yz 250 2 stroke. ive had problems right from the get go starting it up. ive tested the spark and it does have one. does anyone have any ideas. a mechanic at yamaha told me to run 32:1 mixture. please any suggestions will help

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    I would run 40:1 with high quality oil and try a fresh spark plug.
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    and i need more info...deff do what gixxer said...and if your still having problems then im going to need to know exactly what its is it starting at all...does it ever turn over? is it making bad or wierd noises?...can you smell gas when your trying to start it...does it have gas...

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    come on man.. of course it has gas. ive changed the spark plug and it still does the same.. its turning over.. theres no funny noises. but it wont start.. i had to start it by rolling it. and i do smell gas when im trying to kick start it

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    you have to use good will go further than cheap....i perfer motul 800m or maxima super K synthetic at 66:1 for my YZ250 and 80:1 for the trials bike....once you do that it shoul aid with an easier start...another trick is before you start turn the gas on then lay the bike on it's side till you see gas puke from the overflow tubes comming from the carb....let about a 1/2 ounce out then give it a try....i have to do this if my bikes sat for a gives the carb fresh fuel and always works for me...if you continue to have problems you need to give it a carb cleaning and a new plug...also how clean is the air filter????
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    if you can bump start it you should be able to kick it over. depending on that bike that can be a lot of fun. i can kick over my bike like nothin, but i cant start my cousins bike to save my life.
    you might also try higher octane gas... or how old is the gas in it?

    one other thing you might wanna try... my cousins YZ had its stator fall out of place. wouldnt start period and sounded like it was outta gas. maybe thats your problem.

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    Sounds like your reeds are the problem. Old reeds make starting a two stroke a bitch with the kick starter. They bump starts with a little effort. Pull the cage and check that they are seated (small gap is usually ok but anything big needs replacement)......
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