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    Extended Medical Plan

    Where can I find more info on what this covers exactly and the price for it? Do I just go to any insurance company (eg. Sun life?)?

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    Get a good job that covers you, then u dont have to worry about it.

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    no offence, but why dont you just call an insurance company? They might have a clue about insurance. Sportbike forums probably wont give you the answers that can help you.
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    Sonata Plan Direct is a medical extended plan offered to people without group benefits. It is exactly the same as group benefit the only drawback is the employer does not pay it for you.

    Here is the coverage and scale information

    You should really have Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance. These are like ICBC insurance for your body.

    PM with your birthdate if you want a quote and more information.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    it was my understanding that everyone has to pay for that....
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