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    does anyone know

    just wanted some input on whether richmond motorsports! i want a gsxr 600 but the cost all together is way too much! they told me that the gsxr is "hot" right now ...and gonna be sold out question is since the bike is so "hot" right now ..u think they will have brand new 06 gsxr's nect season!

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    uh.. no?

    why would a hot bike be around next year, when the 07 comes out?

    richmond had problems getting and keeping k5 1000s on the lot last year.

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    there won't be brand new 06 gixxers next season because the brand new gixxer will be the 07 duh! why you lookin for a new bike you already have an 06 636??

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    Stewart at RMS told me they're selling at least 2 a day. They only have burgundy 750's left, one sliver 600, no red, and 2 or 3 blue I believe.


    P.S. If you're looking for a deal, NS Suzuki has their demo 600 on sale. It's blue, and only like 200km's last I saw. Might be worth checking out if they still have it. AND NO PDI!!
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