Fs: 1991 R/w Cbr600f2! 2999 Ono!!
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Thread: Fs: 1991 R/w Cbr600f2! 2999 Ono!!

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    Fs: 1991 R/w Cbr600f2! 2999 Ono!!

    I'm selling my CBR because I want the money for a project.

    It's the red and white model, and I've only seen a few others of them left being ridden around. If you're looking for a beginner bike, you couldn't do better then to buy this bike. It's already been down, taking the risk off of you, and the price reflects it.

    It has 61,000 KM, but runs very very well and has given me no problems. I took it on a 5000 kilometre trip to Manitoba this summer and besides changing the oil in Manitoba, it ran very well.

    It has been down, and there is some damage on both sides, the stuff on the left is very minour, the stuff on the right isn't that bad either, but there is a hole over the timing cover where the fairings stick out farther then on the rest of the bike. I have replacement for the engine access fairings, and the stator cover on the left was replaced so it's not rashed either. The rear brake light switch, and one turn signal light does not function properly. They should be easy fixes, but I've never gotten around to it.

    I've had the bike for 15,000 KM, and do not know the maintenance schedule before that. I've changed the oil 4 times (Castrol 10w40 MC oil.) I put a new set of tires (MEZ1 front MEZ2 rear) and a new chain on after buying it, and both have tons and tons of life left. I put new front brake pads on the bike less then 500 KM ago (EBC HH Kevlar pads)

    PM me,email me at ejpainter@telus.net or phone me on my cell at (604)-807-9597 on weekends or after 4 on weekdays with any questions or comments

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    let's see some pic's

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    Originally posted by idriveabeater
    let's see some pic's
    I'll see what I can do in the next few days, but I don't have a Camera, let alone a Digital one.

    Here are the old photos

    www.geocities.com/jamesspainter/cbr.html The pictures of the left side aren't correct, but the right side is essentially correct except some cracks in that little intake looking part on the upper.

    Notice the line of rash extending from the lower to the front of the upper where it turns up into the windshield? The left side has the same, but the engine cover was replaced.

    Also, the two rashed rectangular pieces you can see the engine through? I have replacements for both of them, and I also have a spare Yoshimura exhaust.
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