Questions for buying an old bike
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Thread: Questions for buying an old bike

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    Questions for buying an old bike

    for those pros and experienced riders

    i'm a beginnger and
    i'm thinking to buy a cheap and old bike to start with.
    what sorts of things I need to be concerned about when buying a really old bike ? i.e. 1980~1984 Honda CM400, CB400, Suzuki GS400, Kawasaki KZ400, Yamaha XJ400, XS400

    and what's the price range of an old bike listed above

    which brand and model has the performence and value to buy..?

    thanks in advance...

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    Why so old?
    why not just look for a bike that is within your price range.
    you might pay for it more in the long run if you go too old.

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    this thread answers one of your questions...

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    Be prepared to wrench your bike or have someone do it for you. I bought an 86 FZ600. I love it but it seems to like more TLC than some of the newer bikes obviously. You get to learn a lot along the way from the helpful folks here. Parts might be harder to come by too.

    Best part is.... i'm not afraid to drop it! =) Been there, done that last year!

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    the CM is automatic...just a FYI

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    Go for it

    I have an older Suzuki, its a 1981 GS400 L. This bike gets more riding than any of our other bikes, because it is a reliable old iron head. Anytime a bike is off the road, this is our daily rider (either my husbands or mine). I've even ridden it to a few 'bike shows' lol.

    When I bought it had 5000 original km's was kept indoors, never crashed and fully maintained - it looked new (still does really, just a little more road grimey).

    I regularly maintain it, the only issue it has EVER had is I had to replace a fraying clutch cable, and headlight beam. Its a fantastic little bike adn can easily do all speed zones.

    There are great deals to be had out there, but you do really have to shop around. Keep in mind a good GS in great condition will cost about as much used as a sportbike would tho. They are very sought after actually.

    I got a screaming deal on mine but had to pick it up from out of town - it took ne four months of searching to find a really good deal on a great bike. I paid $800 but it would resell today for an easy $1200. But turns out I may be trading mine in on a new sportbike

    Also, these 'standard' bikes shift and brake alot differently than a sportbike, so you will have another learning curve if and when you switch to a sportbike. The clutch is stiffer, the shifting is clonkier, the tranny is totally different and front braking is nothing like a sportbike. They are super easy to ride tho, prob more room for error. I actually took mine on my roadtest, and it has a TEENY friction zone.

    Best of luck!

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