UBC Parking for Bikes?
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Thread: UBC Parking for Bikes?

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    UBC Parking for Bikes?

    Any free parking for motorcycle at UBC? thx!

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    there's a motorcycle parking strip on marine...
    pay 84 dollars and park at any parkade on campus for an entire semester

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    Do what I used to do. Park in the empty area in front of the Bird Coop. You'll have to ride down the ramp and into the area. Great place. I've never been ticketed there.
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    they are only free in certain spots. Like Ratzilla said, that strip on marine is free.

    Maybe UBC parking service has changed their pricing, but last time I checked it was $20/month. You can park in any parkades and faculty/staff parking. Not at any metres nor pay lots though. However, there's always people parking in the old bus loop with their ubc parking permit w/o problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UBCMOTORCYCLING
    However, there's always people parking in the old bus loop with their ubc parking permit w/o problems.
    That's where I park

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    you could park in buch. where D and C meet theres a bike rack and lots of people park there. i've parked in the bike racks on the other side. also the bike racks at angus. none of those are actual motorcycle spots so.. sorta take your chances but i've never had any problems.

    honestly though i don't get one thing. if you park by the parkade (behind beside brock hall) in the motorcycle spots, its all enclosed, so they can't do anything if you park there. i mean so what campus people ticket you... if you don't give them your info then.. how are they ever gonna track you down? usually ubc parking doesn't do anything drastic until after your 6th ticket. but in those parking stalls they can't do anything. tow truck won't fit. so... you're all good right???

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    Do a search, there are several threads about this that go into extensive detail.
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