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    Trip update

    Sunday Van 1:30 pm start - Prince George

    Monday - PG to Watson lake

    Tues -Tetlin- Whitehorse - Dawson City - Whitehorse

    Wed Whitehorse - Tok Alaska plus some miles to a photo op

    Tomorrow - Tok - Skagway more photos In Skaway now amazing ride in to town, big decent lots of twisties good pavement - also anothe 100+ Km of artic highway repair Ugh

    Lots of animals and I have ridden at least 200 miles in Alaska /Yukon Construction zones - no fun

    Big scare so far

    3 f***king Grizzlies ran out in front of me across the highway and ran into the bush at 10:30 last night riding alone back to Whitehorse from Dawson. Mother and 2 cubs ( 2 year olds) 10 minutes later a big brown bear did the same thing.

    More to follow when I get home, Alaska and the Yukon are amazing riding

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    oh especcially at this time of year, light out 24 hours. Lucky the grizzlies didnt set up a road block and decide you looked like dinner
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    Better get one of them bear whistles...
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    Good stuff Bill, take it easy and drop in when you get back.

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    Thanks for the update, dude!
    Stay safe!!
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