Gas leak !!!
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Thread: Gas leak !!!

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    Gas leak !!!

    I own a 1998 Honda CBR 600. When I start my bike I notice gas leaking from the bottom. It leaks quite a bit. It stops when the bike is shut off. Not to sure where it's coming from. Does anyone have any idea where it might be coming from and has anyone come across this same problem. NEED HELP!!!

    Does anyone know any know good mechanics that wont charge a arm and leg???

    Thanks to the riders that respond.


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    sounds like you have a leak from a fuel line, that only appears when the pump is running. check the lines from the bottom of the tank, and the clamps that hold them on.

    if you don't have a fuel pump, substitute fuel petcock in the above.

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    Or a leak that occurs when the vacuum operated petcock is open thanks to the bike running.

    It's not rocket science. If you can do your own oil changes then you can at least find where the leak is coming from.

    Pull off the fairings. With all the fairings off put the petcock to PRIME or PRI and see where the gas comes out. If it's a line then replace it or re-secure it as needed. If it's coming out one or more of the carb drain and overflow nipples on the bottom of the float bowls then you need to get your carbs stripped and cleaned with some special attention to fixing the leaker(s). If by some chance it's the connecting manifold seals that T the gas off to the carbs then you need to replace the seals on this joiners.

    Your bike does not have a fuel pump. It's just gravity fed.

    If all this is too much for you then take it to your usual shop. Or given that you're in Surrey I'd suggest 5thGear. They do pickups as well and with the fact you're leaking gas you don't want to be riding it at all. If you are happy with doing this much but balk at doing the actual carb work if any is needed then you can either have them take away the whole bike or you can pull the tank, airbox and remove the whole carb assembly and just take that part and tell them where the gas was coming out of.
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