Removing fairings off a Kawasaki ZZR600???
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Thread: Removing fairings off a Kawasaki ZZR600???

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    Removing fairings off a Kawasaki ZZR600???

    Sup, im new, i was thinking of buying a bike when i get older, so i looked at this bike. I read one of the threads, so i was looking for a non faired bike, but i thought for a second, and now im wondering if i could just buy this, and remove the fairings until i learn how to ride right???

    What would be the side effects of doing this???
    Would removing them be enough to not make me pay for any damage if i do drop it?
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    thing is if you just "drop" it, you'd be better off. But if you crash and the bike slides, you'd cause more damage with your hard parts sliding and breaking shit off.

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    If you get some frame sliders then it would be an option. But the front upper fairing around the lights would have to stay since the lights mount in that section. Also many of the faired bikes look butt ugly with no clothes on. For some that is a big factor.

    Also depending on the bike some vulnerable bits may well be exposed to damage like rockshox mentions. Mostly the radiators come to mind since faired bikes don't put crash guards around them... not that a lot of naked bikes do either.
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    Well, thx.
    PS: Whats a frame slider???

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    Frame slider
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