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    Smile Flowers for Julia's Site

    Cheri had a great idea to go out for a ride one night next week, and plant some flowers at Julia's site so it looks great for her ride coming up! There isn't a date set aside we though maybe thursday night the 29th might work best, let us know who all can make it!

    Leisa & Cheri

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    nice thought.

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    I'd be with it if you go on a Thursday. I've got some decent sized hard bags to stick the arrangements in need be.

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    Sounds like a great idea. I can't haul flowers but I have lots of seeds to sow along the bank. [No puns, please.]

    Also, if folks wanna plant live flora & fauna near the cross, or along the sloap, [ie: sturdy plants as wind from the hwy traffic will blow the plants down ] ...I'll set up a water station like last year. It wasn't elaborate - cases of fresh water bottles left in a brown canvaas bag down the slope behind the big white cross. Riders could water the plants if they stopped by or drink the fresh water themselves to re-hydrate on hot days. Worked pretty good. Went through about a dozen cases. I -and many others- passed through the area often enough to keep it fully stocked til November.

    Just one request: could ppl please return the empties back into the canvaas bag? Chasin' down the empties in November wasn't fun. Thanks

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    Sounds like a great idea for watering Charles!
    Adam we may need your hard bags for some plants then, and if anyone has some small tools like a gardening shovel, or lilttle rake please bring them as well, We'll meet at the Flying Swan around 6pm and depart around 6:30 to let ppl come in from work. All flowers are welcome, remember to bring something to wipe your hands with after.

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    When you go there be carefull of the traffic comming from around the corner...they don't have a view of you on the road until the last second and most drivers are not expecting people on the highway especially if the bikes are parked across the road most are looking across at the bikes....
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