In light of a recent motorcycle tradgedy
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Thread: In light of a recent motorcycle tradgedy

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    In light of a recent motorcycle tradgedy

    Just a few days ago, the Provice had a couple pages dedicated to vehicular misaps. One statement said that there'd been 16 traffic related deaths so far this year.

    16 is certainly a very low number. They also listed each and everyone of those deaths. No motorcycle related incidents were published, and I don't believe was counted in that figure.

    Is this just for Vancouver? If so, it still seems a bit low. I remember there were 43 motorcycle related deaths just last year (maybe even more). If we extrapolate the 16 figure to the rest of the year, we could get about 32 traffic related deaths (including pedestrians). Comparing this with motorcycle accidents, it's kind of surprising

    (assuming there'd only been 16 deaths to do non motorcycle related incidents within BC)

    Did the Province Newspaper make a mistake?

    According to the ICBC collision report, there were about 70,000 motorcycles insured for normal road use in 2003. For that year, 34 deaths were reported. Assuming that all 70,000 were in regular use, that amounts to 1 in 4 thousand dying. The death rate for fully enclosed vehicles is significantly lower (not surprising). For motorcycles, there were 800+ injuries reported (there are a lot more unreported). Meaning that 1 in a hundered riders were injured.

    I'd like to note the since not all 70,000 motorcycles were in regular use, injury and death rates compared to ridership is considerably higher.

    Riding is always a calculated risk.

    What do you factor in?

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    It is all too much of a numbers game to get any real data as to how dangerous riding is for any one paticular person at any moment in time. I would like to see how many deaths are drink/drug related, but records are only kept if there is enough involved to warrant police attention but we all know that even legal amounts do affect many drivers. But I don't drink anything, ever, before hitting the road so I am better off than the average?

    How many people died as a result of a traffic accident, and how many were sick to begin with and the accident simply put them over the edge? For a 90y/o, or an immune-supressed person, every accident can be life threatening, but I am not 90 nor am I ill. The death will be recorded as being caused by a traffic accident, but if I were in exactly the same accident I might have survived.

    How many deaths were from the use of open-faced helments and/or other junk protective gear?

    There are just too many factors to make an accurate judgement call from newspaper reports.


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