Dutch TT - MUST SEE!!
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Thread: Dutch TT - MUST SEE!!

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    Dutch TT - MUST SEE!!

    I just watched the Dutch TT online this AM. I won't spoil it for anyone, but make sure you watch this one. Great race start to finish.
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    bad, m'kay?
    What a finish! Woot!

    NOTE: Don't do the following if you don't want to see a recap:

    Originally posted by quasi888
    Press Ctrl-A (or highlight the remainder of this post) to reveal the invisible text that follows....

    Colin led the great majority of the race, with Nicky about 0.7s behind most of the duration. By the final few laps, he cut that gap down to about 0.2s. With just a few laps remaining, Nicky made an aggressive pass on Colin, causing Colin to run off-couse and re-enter the track a full second or so behind. He seemed destined for a 2nd-place finish, but Colin miraculously made up that full second and made a daring repass on the final lap, mere seconds before they were about to enter the front straight for the start/finish. The pass made Nicky go off-course into the dirt...but so did Colin himself. Nicky kept it upright, but Colin's bike caught a lip of the astroturf, bucking him around and finally causing him to lose control and go off into the opposite runoff. Nicky went on to take the checkered flag, with distant followers Nakano and Pedrosa taking 2nd and 3rd.

    Kenny Roberts Jr. gave chase to Casey Stoner and Pedrosa for much of the race, but could not get past them, and ended up 5th.

    Hopper gave us the same ol' story of taking pole position, but eventually falling behind to 6th.

    Rossi, starting dead last on the grid with a broken hand from his nasty crash a few days ago, proved his mettle by overtaking half of the field in front of him and finishing 8th.

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    damnit I tried pouring lemon juice on my screen and heating it with an iron...
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    awesome race!!!, GOOOO!!!!! __________ (no spoiler)

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    What a finish!
    Too bad Colin couldnt stay up.

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    Anyone tape this one?

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    damn I wann watch this finish? Anyone know where on the net I can see it?

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