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    John Valk Ducati Demo Day Awesome

    I rolled down there today to see what was going on and ended up spending the afternoon there having a great time. There was lots of good italian food and drink there when I arrived. I like the staff there, very friendly, no pressure or sales pitches, a nice relief.

    The rides lasted about 50 minutes and it was a well-selected route around Vancouver West and UBC, covering city riding, a couple minutes of "country riding", a bit of hi-speed action in the endowment lands, and of course the obligatory posing along the beaches

    I ended up doing four rides on different bikes. First bike was a black 749, which felt nice and light, like a 600, but lacked the power the I've become used to on the R1. I was a bit disappointed by it.

    The second bike was a Monster S4Rs Testastretta. I quickly realized that this bike does in fact live up to its name. Loads of torque and very powerful front brakes, it was hard to keep the front end on the ground. It performed like a 999 but also had a comfy riding position. I could have ridden that bike all day. Great ride.

    The third was a Multistrada 620. I actually enjoyed this bike a lot more than I expected, not for performance obviously, but for comfort and relaxing riding. It had an extremely comfortable riding position, felt quite light and was very easy to manouver. It is marketed as an entry-level bike, and I think it would make an excellent one for anyone who it my height (5'10) or higher, the seat is pretty high.

    I managed to sneak onto a 999 for the fourth ride. Of course this is what I had in mind when I headed down there to begin with so I'm glad I got a chance to ride it. It was a joy to ride. The riding position is not as bad as I was expecting, no worse than my R1. Being a twin, it had a lot of low end torque of course, which is nice for city riding. I found the it is a bit highly geared though (like all liter sportbikes), though not as bad as my R1 originally was. Overall, it was a very good ride, and I'd love to take one of them to the track, where it belongs.

    In the end my favorite bike was the Monster S4Rs Testastretta. That thing was just ridiculous! I was told later that it is basically a 999S without the fairings, and with high bars. It's a really cool looking bike, the colors, the pipes, the exposed frame, the slightly retro look, and it goes like stink!

    Mucho thanks to John Valk dealership and the guys doing the demo rides, it was a really fun day, I had a great time!

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    Any idea if there was a gt 1000 to ride? Those bikes just look so sick I would have loved to try one. The rms ducati day is still coming up isn't it?

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    Good review - interesting to hear your thoughts on the Monster. For me, too, that wouldn't be the first bike I'd consider when thinking of Ducs but I can see how it might be the most liveable for everyday riding.

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    There was a yellow 1000GT, slightly abused. I was there too. Staff at JV did a great job as usual, however the whole experience reminds me of why anyone who can develop a relationship with a dealer would go to these rides.

    Two - three bikes were dropped. The day started with someone riding a Monster into a parked car. The day ended with someone stalling the 999S not one, not two, but three times while trying to launch. I hope the guys who abused bikes all day buy some gear from JV, 'cause the beenies, wife beaters, hiking boots ripped jeans left something to be desired.

    I know the dealer put up a few bikes for use and they were dropped, the Duc Demos had a fair number of bumps and scrapes. Its no wonder to me that these things are getting rarer and rarer.

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