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    Manual CCT Help

    EDIT: Problem Solved - Loose spark plug lead

    I just finished installing a APE manual CCT on my CBR F2 ('94). I took it out for a spin, and could here a turbo-like whine when I rolled off the throttle (only noticeable when bike is moving). From what I read, this means the CCT is too tight. I backed off the CCT to just past where the (CCT) noise stops, and took it out again - engine sounds great. I have since ridden the bike for about 50K.

    I hopped on the bike yesterday, and after riding it for a few minutes, I noticed a quiet ticking sound (the higher the revs, the faster the ticking) - after about 6/7K RPM I could not here it anymore, but I think it was just being masked by my exhaust at that point. Then, about 5 minutes later, the sound disappeared. I parked the bike, and started it back up a couple hours later, and the ticking was back - I only rode it 5 minutes to get home, so I didn't give it a chance to see if the ticking would disappear again.

    I was thinking it's possible the CCT is a little too loose now? I have not tried tightening it yet, I though I would post this up first, in hopes someone has an idea for me.

    Any incite would be very much appreciated.

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    you know what in any case you should put some blue threadlocker just in case on the bolts they work really well

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