Bike sitting gummed valves
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Thread: Bike sitting gummed valves

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    Bike sitting gummed valves

    I Picked up a bike that was sitting for many years. Took off the carbs to clean them and looked at the intake valves they were covered with what I'm assuming is old gas sludge. Is this something i should be overly concerned with? Can I just run some cleaner through with the gas assuming it starts? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    The motor's tired That's not just old gas sludge but goo from the worn guides/seals. Run it for a while sans Spark plugs to get oil pressure up and into everywhere before actually running it... standard procedure for any long sitting engine.. Then.. decide how well it runs and if you need to do an engine rebuild.

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    This sort of stuff would indicate oil leaking down through the valve stem seals to more of a degree than it's supposed to. It may only need new seals or you may find that the valve guides themselves are worn past the max allowance.

    It'll probably run like this but if you're doing this to restore the bike to pristine running condition then pulling the head off to do the cleanup work and allow for a more detailed inspection and stem seal swapping sounds like a good idea.
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