Moving from Sportbikes to a trail bike....any suggestions....thanks!
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Thread: Moving from Sportbikes to a trail bike....any suggestions....thanks!

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    Moving from Sportbikes to a trail bike....any suggestions....thanks!

    After riding street bikes for over 16 years, I finally wanted to get a trail bike for a change of things. I don't mean to ask the same question that has been asked 100 times but I do have some specific questions. I would really appreciate any help I can get on the topic.

    First off....I'm 34yrs, 5'10" and 180 lbs (very athletic). According to friends, we have some of the best trails in Canada right in my back yard. I have been using my mountain bike a lot over the years.

    I had biks such as a 750 enduro, 650 KLR, and all sorts of street bikes (CBR, R6, GSXR, etc). But when it comes to dirt bikes, I never even sat on one.

    I have a Yamaha dealer 5 minuts from home (bought my R6 there and am very happy Yamaha would be nice). Also have a Honda dealership about 15 min from home. Kawasaki and Suzuki are a bit longer to get to.

    I like to do my own stuff to a degree....not gonna rebuild an engine though

    I'm looking for a bike I can take on trails. I'm not looking for a track bike. Also, I'd like to go out throughout the year in all sort of weather (if that makes a difference).

    I have been reading a bit online about bikes and it isn't as easy as I had hoped. Here are some of the bikes I was looking at.

    Honda CRF230F
    Good: Seems to be a good starter bike and will allow me to grow into it.
    Bad: I might be a bit too big for the bike. I really don't want to buy this bike and get board with it in 2 months. (have been riding street bikes for a very long time)

    Honda CRF250X
    Might be too much to start and is not cheap.

    Yamaha WR250F
    Same as the CRF250X.

    The reason I picked the CRF250X and the WR250F are that they have lights which might come in handy. However, like I said....any input in what might be better choices would be extremely welcome!


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    250x or the wr are great,there tall and not way to powerfull,they both can be de-restricted and have electric starters.but not cheap./

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    I 've got a really nice 2005 KDX 220 that's set up for bush riding. There great bikes and way lower maintenance than the 250 4 strokes. In terms of maintenance . New piston every year $179 and drop the trans oil 1 litre $9 every so often and there 100% reliable.

    It's a great beginner all the way to advanced rider bike. You can ride it like a 4 stroke nice and slow or when you want to ride it like a racer you can.

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