painting the altenator cover...
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Thread: painting the altenator cover...

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    painting the stator cover...

    ok, so I was tired and hungry and I fucked up. I somehow didn't put my kickstand all the way down. Anyways it now looks like this:

    Any tips on painting it? could I sand it down and mask off the ok part and spray a matte black? or is it a semi gloss?
    Or am I best to remove it and paint the whole thing so that it matches over the entire part?
    Will I have to replace the gasket if I remove the alt. cover?
    Is there a special paint I should use?

    Thanks in advance for any and all tips!

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    well a hack would just mask it off, sand and paint, then have it look like crap, but if you want it to look good, then yes...take it off and strip the old paint off, sand, prime and paint it..... thats my
    it looks like semi-gloss, i would rec pj-1 paint, avail at local bike dealer,a nd yes you should replace your gasket.
    and most of all don't rush it! take your time, prep is what makes the thing look good in the end!!!
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