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    Perferating Leathers...

    My 1 pc. A*star suit is Fricken hot on days like today, anyone know a local place to get them perferated, I'm in Abby so the closer the better.....would like to have them done before the weekend.....
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    I think there was a thread about this not too long ago and I don't remember if there is a place around here. Someone did say something about a place in the states that does it cheap but not around here. If you find a place let me know I'd like to get mine done too.
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    buy a leather hole punch and do it yourself?

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    A long time ago I had the same problem with my first racing suit.
    Over the winter I took it in and had some work done on it, including perferations.
    The first race it was cold and raining, and I froze my junk!

    If it's not done right, it iwll weaken the suit. Ask the PSI guy, he's cool.
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    I'm also interested in doing this, rather than buying another jacket.

    Can anyone post up contact info for places that can do this sort of thing?

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