- r1 02-03 Hyperpro steering damper(needs rebuilding)
-r1 plastic 00 all the way to 06(all peices have sratches)
-r6 plastic and gas tank, rear seat 99 to 05(once again they have sratches)
-r1 02-03 stock LED tail light (will work for 2006 700 raptors too)
-r1 02-03 stock windsheild, and tinted(very dark) Harris windsheild
-titanium acropovic pipe for r1 02-03
-r1 98-01 top tripple clamp (polished black)
-Perelli 190 series corsca tire(brand new)
=all items i'm up to offers, or maybe even trading?
if you want pics, pm w/ a email address(still haven't learned to post pics)