My brother asked me to go on a Newbie ride that "Janesee" posted and thought it was a great idea. We both went and had a great time. From there I decided to help out the community by supporting the Newbie rides. From there lets just say that I am committed to helping other new riders.
You are a newbie and really would like to ride with a really great group of people and really want to improve your skills and confidence, but afraid that you would be left behind and that other riders would not let you in. Or the sea to sky highway (S2S) is very intimidating. Or you feel that the bike you have is not the fast crotch rocket that everyone seems to have. For the newbies that are reading this post, we hear you. Just remember that at one time we were all newbies. Nobody went from getting their licence to experienced rider.
So here is the deal. Myself and Janesee will continue to post Newbie rides. I would encourage you to PM either one of us if you have questions and or concerns. I am even willing to ride with you outside the group ride. Read the posts and the comments and you will see that it is all about meeting others and having fun. For those that first came out as newbies, they are now venturing out with newly found skills and confidence.
All you need is a bike. Doesn't matter if it is a cruiser or sportsbike. Old or just off the show room. Proper gear and your licence. If you have restrictions on your licence let me or Janesee know. Nobody else needs to know cause that is just between you and me for safety purposes. But the most important thing to bring is yourself and a big smile!! Cause when you come back you will have an even bigger smile than the one you showed up with. These rides are all about you!!! It is putting back into the community.
Can't wait to meet you all!! So in the mean time please ride safe and remember " You get there when you get there!!!"