I bought these wheels awhile back in decent shape and decised to make them look better. I took the time got them sand blasted, painted a old MK1 VW gold center, and spend days on days sanding the lips untill then came out like crome then the whole wheel has been clear coated.

I was going to run them on my car, but now would rather spend the money on other things.

I want $550 and Im pretty firm on the price, Its what Im into the wheels for and I jsut want to get my money back out of them.

2 rims do have tires on them but are shot, so Im saying rims only, They have never been mounted since they have be refinished.

1 rim has minor curb rash and you can see it in the pic ( I couldn't get the rash out with the tools I had.

and now the pics.

curbed rim

all wheels look like this on the inside ( blasted and clear coated )