Tar Pits of Washington
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Thread: Tar Pits of Washington

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    Exclamation Tar Pits of Washington

    If anyone is nutbar enough to go riding in 100+ heat in the Washington interior (like I did a couple days ago!) be VERY CAREFUL!!! The asphalt on some of those great little twisty secondary roads gets so hot, the tar (oil, whatever) oozes up and creates a black, gooey, slippery skating rink in the two tire lanes, making it necessary to ride on up on the middle ridge or crawl along the shoulder. I came up behind a Harley rider who didn't see the goo and he almost lost it. Try and get a road condition report if you're planning a trip down south. Interstate is fine, and these secondaries are good in the early morning.

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    Also Be very careful parking your bike as your side stand may sink into that super hot asphault when you park your bike and you'll come out to a bike that has fallen over

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    Rode a hot, asphalt road in Yakima, like riding on a melting chocolate bar. Very slick and scary. Have never had that experience in BC. Different road compunds?

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    its a dry heat.

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