people to ride with in burnaby,van,area
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Thread: people to ride with in burnaby,van,area

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    people to ride with in burnaby,van,area

    Well just joined this club few days ago looking for cruises to go on,,
    im new at riding " but got my full class 6" got a 2003 kawi zx6r,, seeing if there is anyone going on a cruise in van,burnaby,area or something , p.s im 19 so would like to go on a ride with a yougher crowed as I think I would fit in better,, message me would be great THX

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    I recommend riding with an "experienced" crowd which most likely puts you into an "older" crowd. You'll learn a lot and pick up good habits instead of the bad.

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    Inbetween bikes now. Thanks for bringing up bad feelings.
    Have a look in the Rides section. There are newb rides to Squamish on almost every Monday and Tuesday evenings.

    The ages vary on these rides so don't worry too much about age.
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    listen to my younger bro (Fotura). Janesee and myself have been organizing newb rides since the beginning of the season. we have a huge group of riders at various limits.
    Newbie group rides speed limit + 10 - 20 kms over. this is to introduce them to the S2S and sets them up to learn how to go through corners and twisties. There is a leader and a sweeper for each group.
    Moderate group rides speed limit + 20 - 30 kms over. this will help the riders learn to set up the corners and with more speed you will learn to lean the bike through. There is a leader and a sweeper for each group. If you feel this is pushing your limit let the sweeper know and you will be allowed to wait for the slower group and the sweeper will pick you up.
    there is no pressure on these rides. so please stay within your limits.
    bascially our rides are very diverse. sport bikes and cruisers. hot chicks and guys, age is very diverse. from 18 y/o right up to ..........
    the best thing i can say is come out and have a look. if you feel that it is not for you then that is okay. so far everyone that has joined us has come back every week. so from 16 riders on our first ride to an average of over 25 riders. read our threads over the last 9 rides. bring your friends along if it makes you feel more comfortable. the membership fee for all of this is your smile and good company. PM myself or Janesee if you have any other concerns or questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigon
    ............age is very diverse. from 18 y/o right up to ..........
    Go ahead, finish the sentance...........:-)

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