suspension of a 125 class dirtbike
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Thread: suspension of a 125 class dirtbike

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    suspension of a 125 class dirtbike

    any unmodified suspension of a 125 class dirtbike should be able to hold a 190 lb man right?
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    Hold yes. But on a killer jump that bottoms it out you'll want to upgrade springs/oil/valving once you've paid to have your joints fixed.

    Light trail riding will not tax stock suspension. MX or cross-country racing will.
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    like what would be considered a killer jump?

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    ...its somthing you will have to feel out yourself.
    (Jump distance is not too important) it depends more on how high you jump and how sloped the landing is.

    I'm 135 lb's on a YZ250 (stock) and I am very close to bottoming out on the ("killer") Pemberton track jump

    if you can... ask someone to watch you as you take bigger and bigger jumps.
    If your back wheel starts scrapping the mud-gaurd..its time to upgrade

    P.S. I'm no expert in suspention tuning
    Quote Originally Posted by genghis
    like what would be considered a killer jump?

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    You can also put a ziptie on the front fork stanchion if you're curious.

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    If you're 190lbs. on a 125 you'll need to respring it. It's not overly expensive, but if you want to jump it or go fast, having it set-up correctly for your weight will make a big difference.

    All you risk by not changing the springs is a mushy feel to the steering and the clank of bottoming out the suspension on the jumps. So if you're not concerned about being the fastest guy out there you could always leave it as is.

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    Yeah...I rode my 2003 CR125 with stock suspension for a year, and I was 220

    I did bottom out on everything big, but it was good for everything else.

    You should be able to ride with it with no problems.

    Depends how fast you are...

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