hey guys,

i'm going to be moving out of my current place at the end of july...

i've started hunting already for new places that are available august 1st, but haven't come up with much. more should be showing up online/in newspapers over the next few days... i hope!

just wondering if anyone here is looking to rent out a suite/apartment, or knows of anyone who is doing so... or perhaps you know of someone who is moving and looking for someone to take over their suite.

budget wise, if i can get something by myself, i'd like to find something for around $600-700 (or less, if that's even possible) that includes utilities, or at least something decent like laundry or parking! i'd like to live by myself, but i wouldn't mind moving in with a roomie as long as the rent is decent and it's someone i get along well with.

i'm also, as some of you know, working at imperial motorcycles... so i'd like to find something that is no more than a 15-20 minute commute from there.

if anyone here knows or learns of anything, please help a girl out and let me know... thanks in advance!