Caliper or Roror?
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Thread: Caliper or Roror?

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    Caliper or Roror?

    I posted this on Dualsportbc, but thought I would also try here. My 04 DR 650 has 1800km on it of whick I have put around 400. I noticed the other day a squeeking as I was pushing it into the garage. It was only at a certain part of the wheel rotation. The next day when the bike was cool it was gone but was back when I got back from my ride.
    I noticed the rear rotor was darker than the front and the rear rotor quite warm. I adjusted the rear brake pedal as per the book and went for a short ride. When I got back the rear rotor was kinda warm and the sqeek was back. I am going to readjust then ride at first with no rear brake(check rotor) then ride using rear brake. If it's not ok after that I will pull caliper off and have a good look at everything.
    Anyboby run into this or have idea's. Thanks Ross
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    if its one spot it could be a bent rotor raise the wheel and spin it u should be able to see also check wheel bearings if they are worned out and loose .. and last but not least make sure tha u still have enough of a brake pads left
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    It's only two years old but it may not hurt to check out the braking systems. For starters remove the pads and ensure that you can pump out the pistons and push them back in easily. By pumping them out I'm only talking about 1/4 inch from flush. Don't go much further than that. While they are pumped out check for dirt, mung or dead bugs that may need cleaning off. Now push the pistons back into the calipers. They shoudl move back fairly easily like with about 5 to 10 at most pounds of pressure from your fingers. If they are stiffer than that then you may need to rebuild the systems. Or they may just need a good fluid flushing.

    The other thing to look at with dirt bike calipers is that the float pins are not munged up and that when the calpers are not tight to the rotors that they can be easily pushed side to side on the floating pins.

    The fact that one rotor is sort of blue and that it sounds like this is a new thing suggests that part of the system is not working quite right.
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