One Speeding Ticket in a Group - Do You Chip In?

View Poll Results: In which scenario would you gladly chip in on one riders speeding ticket?

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  • I don't know the rider but glad to chip in if others do.

    25 20.49%
  • I only chip in if I know the rider.

    27 22.13%
  • Tell the rider I'll chip in and hope I never see them again.

    2 1.64%
  • Smile and say "Bad luck. I'll buy you a drink/lunch next stop."

    36 29.51%
  • Hahaha! Tough luck loser. Good luck in court!

    32 26.23%
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Thread: One Speeding Ticket in a Group - Do You Chip In?

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    One Speeding Ticket in a Group - Do You Chip In?

    Just curious as to what most of you have done in the past and what is considered by most to be fair or "proper etiquette".

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    That is a good Question.

    I;m not sure what the Bike Community answer to this is.

    However that is the way my friends and I do it.

    Be it everybody in the car for a long ride ..... we always chip in for the ticket ( or Tow .. if it was a bad night ; )
    And group riding we have done this as well. They were all close friends though and not just a random meeting for a ride.

    I am a fan of the practice because 20$ a piece is much less of a hit then one poor schmuck havin to shell out 200 for just being first in line.

    He still needs to cover the points later on as well.
    In the end, this argument falls into the vanity arena. Which is more important: Your safety and comfort on a bike or what your friends think?

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    I'd split the ticket evenly.

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    It's never happened to me, but if someone was forging the path for me, I would be willing to pay a portion of a ticket. Personally, I think it's simple manners to help someone out if they're leading the group.

    It's not the money that bothers me, it's the record on my driver's license.

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    ^yah ditto. i dont care much for the initial fine, its the points that kill u.

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    Rogue Rider
    Sounds like a good idea, next ride to squamish.... (70+ riders last time), would be less than 3 bucks each to send a 'pigion' to scope for the po-po

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    If you get a ticket because you couldn't hold back from the rest of the speeding group, you deserved it.
    I'd buy a drink or lunch, but I wouldn't expect everyone else to pitch in for me, therefore, I do as I say.
    I love the sound of an idling bike early in the morning

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    None right now...
    I tend to ride in formation like I fly in formation. If i'm following a trusted leader, I don't care what my gauges say... I'm riding to keep up without passing and without exceeding the limits of the conditions. If that leader takes me into "illegal" territory, i'll be annoyed and not likely to fork over any $$$ for his ticket. But I would probably buy him lunch.

    If it's me leading, well, i'm not going to get nailed for speeding* so anyone riding behind me would be safe too.

    (*) Not saying I never speed, but i've been able to pick and choose where I do it for the six years i've been riding, and no tickets. I'm also not looking to find the top end of my bike when I do it.
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    Its kind of an unwritten rule that we are all friends...but when it comes down to cops and making a getaway, its every man for themselves. Unfortunately some get caught out of the group(I have!) and some dont. I dont expect anyone to chip in for a ticket that I recieved while riding with a group. It's only speeding if you get caught. Some get caught, some dont.

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    is this topic for real? Split the ticket up? WHat... are you a commie? Voted for the NDP and want to increase taxes too?

    Sheesh... you;re riding a bike and speeding.. .you get popped it's yer own fault... yer a big boy.. suck it up and pay the man... why should yer friends bail you out.


    friggin commies

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    beater piece of shit
    paying no shit for them but yeah a drink is cool

    will feel sympathetic for them but too bad it's their bad luck.

    I got a ticket last time coze i was the first guy. no one stopped and no one showed any sympathy either. i didn't expect anyone to chip in wutver either.

    if you are the driver and you take 3-4 friends with you to go somewhere. you decided to park your car at somewhere that you are not supposed to and you got towed. the cost is $100+ and would you ask your friends to chip in? IT IS YOUR FAULT. IT IS YOUR DECISION. SUCK IT UP!

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    whats teh scenario?

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    Well this is what me and my friends worked out.. Most of them are licensed but can't ride at night. So if we go on a night ride I would go infront and scout. If the red and blue start flashing I'll be the first one to pull over and the rest of them will gun it. I get a ticket and they will split the cost. But in any other case (where they don't risk getting their bikes impounded) slowest bike loses. (I mean F*cK that Sh*t) yes Razilla I said it.....

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    what next? chip in for each other's insurance? and then the bike payments?

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    I'll buy a drink or lunch for a buddy to celebrate their latest achievements but to chip it I wouldn't as this of any rider or friend. If I did it then I pay for it, if you got one for the group, here have beer.
    A bad day of riding is, still better than a good day of work.

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