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    Derbi GPR

    So after searching through various threads, ive decided i want a Derbi GPR.
    so i have a couple questions

    1) because the GPR50 is a single cylinder like a scooter, does it have that same "whiny" sound ?

    2)Does anybody here own one?

    3) And your opinion on the bike. whether you own it or not, just wondering what pros/cons the bike may have.

    thanks for any help,

    btw bcsportbikes rocks !..

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    All I can say is keep shoping. Derbi is not a "real" motorbike, its a toy.
    I think the '05 and up gpr's are a totally sexy bike but 9hp????? that would be fun for about five minutes. Although if your lookin for the equivilant of a scooter with sportbike looks then go for it.

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    Dude, I hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think the Canadian Derbi distributor is importing the GPR anymore. All they have now are Atlantis City / Bullet, which are 50cc 2-stroke scooters, and the Derbi Boulevard 150.

    I would have loved to get my hands on a Derbi GP1 as well.

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