net cost for first year of riding
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Thread: net cost for first year of riding

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    net cost for first year of riding

    Hello everyone,

    I want to get into riding, what would be the estimated cost for the first year.

    I guess this would include the license / class fee, gears, bike, and insurance (and maybe more).

    Im also looking to buy a used bike with low milage thats new rider friendly and relatively good looking. Price range would be around 5000 dollars (ideally). Any suggestions to what I should get? (I may be only riding for one year so I would like a beginners bike that I could keep for at least one year without trading in for something thats alot better).

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    licensing - around 100 bucks for the entire process
    class - 500-600 bucks
    helmet - 200-400
    jacket - 200-400
    gloves - 30-150
    insurance - 500-3000+

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    Ratz' numbers are pretty on. Doing research and looking for deals will get you at the low end for each item, new.

    The bike itself's your biggest expense by far. Smaller + older = cheaper. That's about it. Oh, and read the sticky:

    Google for pics of the bikes and see what you like.

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    For me...

    class - 500 (@ end of season)
    Helmet - 175
    Jacket - 350
    boots - 270
    gloves - 70
    **if you get your gear all together @ the same place, you usually get a bit of a deal**
    bike - 3000 (92 zx6...great to learn on)
    insurance - 2200 for the year (3000 bike value, 10% off)

    and dont forget gas...
    bikes arent actualyl THAT good on gas compared to economic cars bike is a tiny bit better than a civic. but it sure beats the pants off it @ every stop light

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    I am a 21 year old college student with perfect driving record. how much insurance do you guys think I'll have to pay for 2004+ sv650s or cbr600?

    also any tips on where to find used bikes? so far i've only seen

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    New chrome rims $2500
    Power commander and Akro system $1800
    Oil changes $250

    Banging all the ladies who want me for my sweet ride Priceless $$$$$$

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    Quote Originally Posted by allstar23

    I want to get into riding, what would be the estimated cost for the first year.
    your soul...

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    insurance on the CBR will be substantially more money than on the the SV if you have full coverage. Basic is the same as if you were driving a car. About $1200 not including you discount.
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    Inbetween bikes now. Thanks for bringing up bad feelings.
    Myself and my wife wanted to start riding together so we got our gear and courses and 1 bike. We weren't sure what type of bike at the time and thought about possibly getting a new one.

    So we budgeted $25,000 all together. A bit high but we were renewing our mortgage anyways and was able to make it work.

    Initially the biggest part of the cost will be the bike. Take into account you have to pay GST on top of the price of the bike so add another 6% for that for a private sale and the full PST and GST as well as other dealer costs if you get it from a dealer.
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    25 grand??? man I wish I had that kind of coin to spend on a bike...

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    So far i've spent close to 7k including, bike, insurance, helmet, leather jacket, gloves. Its a 01 f4i.
    Do some research, and you'll definitley find something affordable

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    dont forget the cost of maintenance for the bike also

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    For me, it was:

    Class @ PRS - $600
    License Fees, etc... - $68
    Insurance - $150 per month
    Bike - $8,000
    Jacket - $300
    Helmet - $550
    Tinted Visor - $30
    Gloves - $120
    Boots - $400
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    My first bike estimate:

    1981 CB450 $1200
    jacket $250
    gloves $75
    pants $100
    I used leather steel toes for riding boots, so i'm not adding that as I already had them.

    I didn't take the course, as I couldn't afford it.
    Instead, I had a friend who DID take Action teach me...Not the best way to go, but that plus a couple defensive riding books plus common sense and 5 years and counting I'm ok and accident free (knock on wood).

    My first bike I bought from Imperial and it was completely trouble free for my entire ownership of it.

    Buying a bike can be very expensive, or quite cheap or anything in between, depending on how YOU approach it.

    I think general concensus would be to get an older well running bike, not too expensive as you WILL drop it...everybody does.

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    Ok do what i did, even if people think its stupid.

    Get really cool gear spend like 2k on it $400 helmet, $400 jacket, another $300 helmet for the bitches, $100 on gloves , $300 on boots even though i dont use them! dam! It ads up. Than put the rest on a down payment for a brand new 600cc or 1000cc bike, and gas money and insurance ofcourse, and oil changes and tinted visors, and aftermarket signals.

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