Are CBR 600rr that batteries rare??
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Thread: Are CBR 600rr that batteries rare??

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    Are CBR 600rr that batteries rare??

    I know it's the long weekend and a lot of shops are closed today but holy crap!!!! How hard could it be to find a battery for a CBR 600rr??? Theres only about a billion rr's and f4i's out there.......Carter has one yesterday for $150 but closed today....called Edmonds batteries and a few other places but no one carries it........was so deperate I even went by Crappy tire but it was discontinued......CRAP!!!

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    you never called the chop shop, im sure we have one that would fit your application.
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    It's also the time of year when they are in very high demand. They can obviously get them but they probably sold out of their earlier orders.

    I know that when I tried to order a battery for a dual sport that I was working on a couple of months ago they were in short supply due mostly to the demand. It's a fairly thin supply since there is really not as many of these bikes out there as you may want to think there is. Compared to cars and even golf carts bikes are a drop in the bucket.
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