seized bolts, and serious leakage. ideas?
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Thread: seized bolts, and serious leakage. ideas?

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    seized bolts, and serious leakage. ideas?

    howdy ya'll,

    my 77 cb550 was gettin a well needed oil change when i came across a seriously seized bolt. the bolt that on the filter housing. its on good. i tried penetrating fluid and then an impact gun, nothing. im kinda stuck.. ideas?

    also, i have a serious oil/fluid leak.. it seems to be comin out from behind the gear box and its pretty bad. however...
    the moulded plate that covers the gear box right after the gearchange pedal.. its held on by 4 alllen wrench bits. them be siezed on good and tight too..

    how can i attack the siezed pieces and what could this leak be? its only on the bottom left side of my bike and drips down the pedal or off the fins on (what i imagine to be) the oil pan.

    please please please can anyone help???

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    For the oil leak, what does the oil look like?

    If it looks like motor oil, then it could be the bushing where the shift shaft comes out of the transmission, or it could be the transmission output shaft.

    If it is very black, then it is most likely chain lube that's accumulated in behind your front sprocket cover. It'll melt and drip out when it gets hot.

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