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    need help finding info on

    howdy, i plan on purchasing an 03 r6 next year and i found this bike in the paper, but id like to know more information on it. 1984 yamaha 550.

    id use this to learn on before i get the r6.

    i've been searching and can't seem to find that bike, i find other yamahas around that year, but not a 550?

    im curious to see how it looks like, even thought i am going to go check it out in a few days.

    thanks for the help,


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    That's a pretty ambiguous description...just a make and a displacement. No wonder you can't find info on it. I don't know much about bikes from the mid-80s....but my guess is that it could be an FZ550(???) or something like that. The middleweight bikes of that vintage were typically 550cc, I the Gpz550 and CBX550 and stuff. So this bike could be an FZ. I don't know.

    But it could be anything...enduro, standard, cruiser, you don't the seller and ask for more info.
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