list your top 3 hated/loved decreasing radius turns
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Thread: list your top 3 hated/loved decreasing radius turns

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    list your top 3 hated/loved decreasing radius turns

    Time for a thread instead of a snotty reply from me.

    Ok, we've all had an oh shit moment in a blind decreasing radius turn. The timw you almost crossed the center line (or did) and said "WTH happened to the corner, it tightened up?!"

    I've included lat long for google earth for you nerdy types

    For me:

    1. Downhill right hander coming back from the ferry turnaround on sunshine coast. Lots of trees and it is about the 4th hard right hander on the way back into town.

    "it's somewhere around here i think" lat=49.6224689688, lon=-123.984902799

    2. Hwt 33. OLD sportbikewest site, just East of Kelowna right before you hit the gravel driveway. Signs, flashing lights and the whole deal. I slowed down PLENTY for the slightly down sloped right hander I thought. Boy was I wrong.

    "#2 scary moment" lat=49.8675161938, lon=-119.274641405

    3. Just outside Neah Bay on the Olympic Penninsula is a right hander that has caught some damn good riders out. It hidden by a rock wall and you can't see it tighten up. If you go wide here and can't reel her in, you are swimming after a long bumpy ride through some trees.

    "Neah Bay death trap" lat=48.3482782822, lon=-124.525478378

    Mine above oddly are all right handers. I take right handers faster I think. I like to corner on that side. I like 1 and 3 due to the sheer terror that came with the turn. Rollercoaster it is. 2 pissed me off because I was ready for it and went damn slow and it still spooked me. Not a "good" spook.

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    Intersection of McBride and 10th Avenue, turning East on to 10th Avenue. I've done it a thousand times and it still screws me up. No I am not kidding, and Yes, I can handle way tougher things, It just get the heeby Jeebies when I turn right there.

    Hmmm, woudl have to the the third right decreasing radius tunr heading South on The Sunshine Coast. Even with teh SLOW sign, I am always amazed how tight it actually gets. Never run across the line, but sure have slid the front end enough times.

    That Neah Bay one? You go in too hot, even just a little and you eat Buick.

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    Decending down into Osoyoos....thank god for some track experience...just hauled the Duc over some more and hoped for it to stick.

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    bad, m'kay?
    Aside from the two Cos and Frank mentioned, add Cementary corner, a left hander going North bound on Sunshine Coast Highway. It the corner before the cementary on the hillside, just past Madeira Park in Pender Harbour. Locals also refer to it as the SCRAPS corner...which sounds appropriately enough considering how many bikes and cars have overshoot and run off into the gravel on a regular basis (SCRAPS actually is an acronymn for Sunshine Coast Recycling And Processing Society - which coincidentally is located at that very corner).

    It starts out harmlessly enough but once you get ast the first apex it tightens dramaticaly. Just treat it as a double apexed corner and you'll be fine. Otherwise lean the hell out of the bike and stay off the front brakes.
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    South side of mission bridge. Head west and cross the train tracks. The right hander tightens hard at the end and your shoulder goes into the ivy/bushes. I did it for the first time with a passenger. I had no idea it tightened like that. It all worked out fine, luckily.
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    Decreasing, off camber left turn. $8000 and a clavicle later.

    Thats on the mission loop.
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    2nd hairpin from the top on Mt Seymour. That turn closes up faster than a schoolgirl's legs after the roofies wear off.

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    Adam called mine that corner still f@cks me up and i always know its comming
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    Seymour corners, cypress look out, all the corners on the 101.
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    Indian Road.. West of Duncan...

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    1 & 2: both Cypress hairpins - going up, they start great but go off camber just when you're accelerating out of the apex...I binned it on the second one a couple summers ago.

    3: Hw 91 south meets 99 east...turn tightens into a wicked little hook just when you're speeding up to merge with 99.

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    Willingdon exit going westbound. Not super hairy but when you're not expecting it and it's your first week riding that concrete barrier comes at you pretty quick.
    I look at it now and it's a joke, but that day it had the ol ticker pumping.

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    OMG the friggin Nordel Exit off the Alex Frase Bridge. It's like a eagle's talon the way it hooks and banks at the end. 5 days after buying my first bike ( young and stupid) way too fast on way too small a bike. My ass end starting sliding, then the front......... I just kind of said to myself, okay, this is it... Eased up on the gas, and she finally caught, 4 inches from the curb, did a big wiggle to shake me back to my senses, and came out of it at the last second. When I pulled over at the next corner, I had to shove my heart back down into my chest. (All I could picture was my bike hitting that curb, launching over the railing of the overpass and down onto the oncoming traffic below......) I still hate that corner 8 years later.......
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    havent really ran into any really scarry corners yet although only been riding my sportbike from saturday June 24th and loving every moment of it!

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    Up baker near the top there is a SUPER tight right hand 180 degree turn......went a touch wide......cought the gravel with the front.....prayed and the front grabbed a second later and all was good....thankfully.

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