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    Silent Dragon

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    for sale 1986 honda vfr 750. It has 43,000 km and is in excellent condition. it has full yoshi headers and exhaust and it has been well maintained.It has been laid down while parked by previous owner. According to Honda, the bike has 105 hp at 11,500 rpm and the tourque is 56.4 ft lb of tourque at 8500 rpm. Its dry weight is 437.8 lb. She is fast and she sounds mean. Beautiful V four growl. The bike has been repainted blue. If you need more information about the bike please visit
    www.v-four.freeserve.co.uk/vfr750-g.htm it'll tell you all about the bike. if you are interested please email me at zarek66@hotmail.com. Please do not PM me......................asking $3300 It is perfect for a smaller person who would like a 750 since it's about the size of a modern day 600 cc bike.
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    Is the picture you attached the picture of the actual bike?? Those don't look like yoshi pipes?!?!

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    That has an upsidedown fork ! Did you do it , or the previous owner?
    This is really the last bike I will buy...probably.

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    Originally posted by jrw600
    That has an upsidedown fork ! Did you do it , or the previous owner?
    and 17s all around it looks like?

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    86 vfr

    Thumbs up it's me

    sorry couldn't answer all your questions. Something was wrong about my account. Anyways the picture is not of the bike. Mine looks exactly the same but painted solid blue. The reason I can't post the actual pictures is because I don't have a digital camera or a scanner. Anyhow here's another picture. Anymore questions please email me or pm me. thx

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